Our purpose is to facilitate a reduction of addictive behaviors thus, enabling recovery.

 We teach the facts about substance abuse and recovery. We empower clients to make healthy choices using cognitive behavioral tools. We inspire clients to transcend court systems, family chaos and death with realistic truthful and shame free evaluations. Using respect and positive psychology, we reduce substance related problems and improve lives.

Have you used drugs other than those responsibly prescribed for medical reasons? * Yes No
Do you use more than one drug or alcohol concurrently without medical notification, consideration or authorization of all parties? * Yes No
Are you unable to stop taking drugs (within medical recommendations) when you want to? * Yes No
Have you had serious side effects as the result of illicit or irresponsible medically prescribed drug use? * Yes No
Have you lied to your medical provider or mis-characterized your condition to obtain and mis-use medications? * Yes No
Do you feel bad or guilty about your drug use or drug costs that take away from healthful activities? * Yes No
Do your loved ones complain about your (behavior from) drug misuse? * Yes No
Have you neglected your family relationships because of illicit or RX drug misuse or drug culture involvement? * Yes No
Have you engaged in activities with legal consequences in order to fund RX or illicit drug misuse? * Yes No
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit from professional treatment. Enter your phone number to be contacted to discuss options. *